Vanni Zhang

Product Engineer @ Esri

I am a full stack web developer who loves making interactive web mapping apps. I also write codes in Node.js and Python for server-side development and desktop geoprocessing tools.

At Esri, I build apps that enable people to explore and access thousands of maps, data, tools available in ArcGIS Online. Before I joined Esri, I was a GIS Developer at ICF International.

I am based in Redlands, California. Before I moved to West Coast, I lived in Boulder, colorful Colorado, Akron, OH, Washington DC and Cape Town.

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The LEGO-IFER is a simple but essential tool for turning the world into a Lego-ified map, a map consisting entirely of colored plastic bricks is a color resource for designers, developers, or the just plain curious. Developed this site with John Nelson, We made PhotoChrome as a convenient resource to generate hopefully-useful color palettes based on words.

Blasts Visualization App

This app displays points that represent really big blasts over the past half century. I worked with co-worker John Nelson (one of the best geographers/cartographers at Esri) on this project, John came up with the idea and design, and I wrote the codes to make it happen, very fun expreience working with John.

Here is a blog John wrote that tells you the very interesting story behind these blasts.

County-to-County Migration Map

This web map application encodes county migration data (2008-2012) provided by American Community Survey. You can use it to find out where people in a specific county are moving from/to. D3.js and Node.js are used for this app.

AARP Livability Index Website

Developed the mapping component of AARP's Livability Index website which allows user to explore, compare and visualize housing, transportation, health, environment, opportunity data related to the livability index of their neighborhoods and communities.

Housing Characteristics in U.S.

Visualize the average percentage of selected Housing characteristics (renter occupied, owner occupied and vacancy). The d3.hexbin plugin were used to group approximately 200,000 location of Census block groups into hexagons grids as an alternative way to visualize large data sets.

Internet Connection Speed Detector

This application is inspired by one link shared by Wang Hao (the former CTO of Esri China) on his Weibo (which is equivalent to Twitter in China). The internet speed data were downloaded from Net Index, the app is made by using D3.js to let users check their current internet speed compared with other states.

A Sushi Restaurant Website

Built a website for my friend Cui's sushi restaurant (Unfortunately, it's closed forever in winter 2015 because he moved to South Korea) by following the so-called "Wabi-sabi" ideology. Just wanna keep this website here so you can see I can create other random things as well, not only maps.